“I have become more and more curious about the quantum world, neuroscience, and the realm of cell biology.”

focus our EM wavelengths to super sensory effect.

Sound waves are amplified and a map is created of the surrounding environment through specialised neuron networks and complex image calculations. Humans neuron network must be extremely complex and specialised for super sensory thought processes and they can even group together to amplify the signal.

One of many things stopping us in becoming super sensory is that human brains have a layer of protective EM radiation absorbing plasma. Probably developed since the Information Age, penetrating EM frequencies pass through the head and into the brain. A layer of protective plasma has been created through ionisation, which stops interference with the brain’s EMF. Inhabitants of the Kingdom planet don’t have this issue. Any artificial permeating EM waves are not present in the atmosphere. This means their brains would not create any layer of protective plasma.

Some places on Earth, for example, Tibetan monks that live in the mountains. Would not have the problem of the protective plasma or certainly have much less of a protective layer. They are good examples for telepathic minds. Especially since their minds are perfectly trained for super sensory effects through meditation and a more harmonious lifestyle.

EM wave satellites can penetrate the brain with the protective plasma in place. The satellites must use higher frequencies or are more powerful. We seem not to be able to channel or amplify our EM brain signals naturally, but we can artificially.

The frequencies and wave lengths of The Beings EM brain signals must be similar to ours for the super sensory effects to work. An EBL can do some of the super sensory powers of The Beings such as image processing, visual seeing and verbal thought hearing. However It is only one way and not satisfactory. It is only powerful with the inhabitants of the Kingdom’s being present in mind in the EBL. We leads me to the point that apart from the protective plasma there must be something different about the men and women of the Kingdom’s brains.






Hi my name is James Hunter. I am 28 and I have a degree in International Business.