Quantum consciousness


Quantum field theory

“McFadden proposes that the digital information from neurons is integrated to form a conscious electromagnetic information (cemi) field in the brain. … Neurons generate patterns in the EM field, which in turn modulate the firing of particular neurons.”

The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons. They are “Specialised cells that conduct electrical impulses along their processes…This results in the generation of vast and complex neural networks that are the mainstay of the brain’s processing capabilities”

These signals are created through through the thought process and are called action potentials and postsynaptic potentials that are passed on to further neurons, the signals create a disturbance in a surrounding EM field.

McFadden views the brain’s electromagnetic field as “Arising from the induced EM field of neurons.”

“Studies undertaken towards the end of the 20th century have argued that conscious experience correlates not with the number of neurons firing, but with the synchrony of that firing”

McFadden says that The brain’s induced EM field modifies the further firing of electric charges. “Across neural membranes, and thereby influences the probability that particular neurons will fire, providing a feed-back loop that drives free will.”

This ‘conscious’ process of the brains functions are thought of as being deterministic. The quaila or subjective experience is suggested to be a “particular configuration of the field”.

“The field theory provides a solution to the binding problem of how complex information is unified within ideas to provide meaning: the brain’s EM field unifies the information encoded in millions of disparate neurons.”

Synchronous firing is an important characteristic of conscious thought such as awareness and attention. It impacts the brains EM field with a larger EM signal. A second important characteristic of conscious thought is the EM fields spatial pattern.

The induced EM field is created by electrically charged neurons passing through the matter of the brain. These water molecules that make up 70 per cent of the brain consist of Magnetic dipoles. Hydrogen holds a slightly positive charge and oxygen holds a slightly negative charge. Electric current from the neurons passes through creating an Electro – Magnetic field. This field and interaction with electric neurons should be able to be measured.

But does this Quantum field feature give rise to a conscious thought process? Is thinking some other process of Quantum mechanics?

There is some scepticism that just because the EM field is a quantum feature, that does not necessarily mean that it gives rise to a consciousness. A Quantum neural network is suggested. Evidence suggests possible memory storage and retrieval in bosons.






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