The perfect system

There has never been a grass roots effort to fundamentally change our human nature. The perfect system addresses the controlling nature of governments along with a few other points.

In this world, human nature dictates competition. Different socio-economic systems were tried out throughout the 20th century, but the inclusion of human nature into these systems has often been treated with ignorance. In education, human nature is sometimes addressed. Psychology is a popular subject and ethical behaviour is incorporated into the learning process, for the way we treat others is thought of as high importance. Long term, I propose a new system for educating. One of learning. Minds are precious and bad influences should be quickly shunned. Young minds are to be quickly honed to think positively and to encourage others to think the same.

Systems of control can still be found to be in play in todays world. I have encountered such controlling and duplicitous behaviour. Beginning with illegal RNM and EBL from the intelligence services. I was then subject to controlling behaviour from the state. This and fact that I am now used, has led me to start researching human rights and human nature.


Hi my name is James Hunter. I am 28 and I have a degree in International Business.

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